Introducing: Danielle Stark’s Incredible Footsies!

By , 10/14/2014

NEW website:!

Danielle Stark

NEW adult model 18yo DanielleStark has beautiful feet and she knows it.  “I love wearing strappy heels!”  Why is that, Danielle?  “Because I thinks it’s funny when I catch men looking at how sexy my feet are!”  And look we do, Danielle!  In Photo Sets and HD videos, Danielle does not hold back when it comes to posing and teasing with her sexy feet.  I sense a bit of naughtiness here.  Is she trying to torture us, hold us hostage to our footsie desires?  “Maybe!” [Giggle]  Maybe indeed.  Check out Danielle’s NEW website.  You won’t be disappointed!

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The Return Of Chasity Valentine’s Cute Feet!

By , 10/14/2014


Chasity Valentine

Chasity is back with some new super HOT photo sets and HD videos at!  Those of you who know her, understand that we’re talking about the ultimate foot teaser here.  Not a photo set or video goes by without those tiny toes being posed and curled.  And she knows how to make you suffer from desire!  Naughty thing!  Not to mention that she’s gorgeous and has epic, um, proportions!  That’s my personal bias.  You’ll have to decide yourself and join her website!  If you foot lovers dare!

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Sexy AuburnSnow: Do you Like My Stockings?

By , 04/22/2013


AuburnSnow is a sweet girl, but working with her can be difficult.  She starts in: “Do you like my stockings?’  Yes.  “How about the reinforced heel and toe?”  Yes, that’s nice.  “You like when I curl my toes like this for you?”  “How about I slowly peel these sexy stockings off now?”  I mean, how is a photographer supposed to be able to work?  But, I’m a pro.  I’m not shaking or sweating during our photo shoots.  Honestly, I’m not!  When you see this photo set you might though!

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Model-Gabe: Curl My Toes In These Sheer Black Stockings!

By , 03/24/2013


True story:  “Do you want to wear some opaque stockings with that outfit?”  “No, I think I’ll wear these sexy sheer black ones.”  “Um, okay”  Shortly afterwards I found out why!  Gabe put on a toe curling clinic all while wearing those super sheer black thigh-highs!  She knew it would be “sheer” torture for her foot fan friends.  How evil!  lol  Check out this photo set for some self-abuse!

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ChasityValentine: Incredibly Sexy Feet In Pink Heels!

By , 03/02/2013


Chasity says “Do you like when I pose my legs and feet wearing these pink clear heels?”  Um, yeah Chasity.  “Well, then hold on to your hat!”  True.  This photo set is a classic of foot tease photography.  ChasityValentine had no mercy.  Posing those pretty feet and curling her toes, all the while she was giggling.  Was it the sweat she saw coming off the photographer’s forehead that was so funny?  Check out this photo set, but drink plenty of water first!

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Sexiest Feet: Cutie Haley Teases You In HD Video!

By , 02/16/2013


She’s long been an excellent foot model.  Haley-Model knows exactly what to do to tease you with her feet.  How to pose them; how to point her toes forward, then curl them.  Her sexy toes are nicely pedicured.  She runs her hand down her leg and then over the top of her foot.  Of course, in this HD video the clothing comes off, but you don’t even notice.  She makes sure your eyes are fixed in one place.  Breathe!

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NEW! Auburn Snow Teasing In Red Shoes And Black Stockings!

By , 01/18/2013


Naughty young lass, Auburn Snow just loves to tease with her legs and feet.  You can see in these video clips the glee she feels while stripping off her shoes and stockings for you.  Once off, Auburn has no mercy playfully teasing with her size 5 feet and posing them, curling her little toes.  She laughs as the photographer drools.  Oh, the wicked nymph she is!  If you have the strength, you’ve got to see this members video now!

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Gorgeous Gabe Wants To Show Off Her Sexy Feet!!

By , 01/16/2013


During the middle of a photo shoot, she says: “Don’t you want to get a shot of my sexy feet?  Here, I’ll put one up here for you.”  Struggling to hold the camera still, I’m amazed at her foot enthusiasm.  It should be no surprise.  Check out and you’ll see plenty such displays throughout Gabe’s photo sets and videos.  A foot lover’s dream: A model who loves to tease with her feet!

Check out!

ChasityValentine’s Sexy Red Strappy Heels!

By , 12/11/2012


Do you like tiny red-painted toes thrust into sexy red strappy heels??  Yeah, me too.  Check out the latest photo set from and your daily foot fetish desires will be satisfied.  That naughty photographer loves feet and he makes sure to get many nice shots of those delicious toes from an unsuspecting Chasity!!  5 stars!

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Haley’s Very Sexy Stockinged Feet!

By , 12/10/2012


HOT new HD video clip at of Haley teasing with her stocking feet in sexy black thigh-highs!  Watch her slowly put the stockings on and then do an amazing legs-in-the-air display of her sexy legs and feet!  Oh and she ends up with only the stockings on!!  There’s no one better at foot and leg tease than Haley…  Guaranteed!

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