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Introducing: Danielle Stark’s Incredible Footsies!

By , 10/14/2014

NEW website:!

Danielle Stark

NEW adult model 18yo DanielleStark has beautiful feet and she knows it.  “I love wearing strappy heels!”  Why is that, Danielle?  “Because I thinks it’s funny when I catch men looking at how sexy my feet are!”  And look we do, Danielle!  In Photo Sets and HD videos, Danielle does not hold back when it comes to posing and teasing with her sexy feet.  I sense a bit of naughtiness here.  Is she trying to torture us, hold us hostage to our footsie desires?  “Maybe!” [Giggle]  Maybe indeed.  Check out Danielle’s NEW website.  You won’t be disappointed!

Take Danielle’s website TOUR!

The Return Of Chasity Valentine’s Cute Feet!

By , 10/14/2014


Chasity Valentine

Chasity is back with some new super HOT photo sets and HD videos at!  Those of you who know her, understand that we’re talking about the ultimate foot teaser here.  Not a photo set or video goes by without those tiny toes being posed and curled.  And she knows how to make you suffer from desire!  Naughty thing!  Not to mention that she’s gorgeous and has epic, um, proportions!  That’s my personal bias.  You’ll have to decide yourself and join her website!  If you foot lovers dare!

Take Chasity’s website TOUR!

ChasityValentine: Incredibly Sexy Feet In Pink Heels!

By , 03/02/2013


Chasity says “Do you like when I pose my legs and feet wearing these pink clear heels?”  Um, yeah Chasity.  “Well, then hold on to your hat!”  True.  This photo set is a classic of foot tease photography.  ChasityValentine had no mercy.  Posing those pretty feet and curling her toes, all the while she was giggling.  Was it the sweat she saw coming off the photographer’s forehead that was so funny?  Check out this photo set, but drink plenty of water first!

Take ChasityValentine’s website TOUR!

ChasityValentine’s Sexy Red Strappy Heels!

By , 12/11/2012


Do you like tiny red-painted toes thrust into sexy red strappy heels??  Yeah, me too.  Check out the latest photo set from and your daily foot fetish desires will be satisfied.  That naughty photographer loves feet and he makes sure to get many nice shots of those delicious toes from an unsuspecting Chasity!!  5 stars!

Check out ChasityValentine’s TOUR!

Chasity Valentine Ultimate Toe Teaser!

By , 11/11/2012


I’ve said before that I think that cutest toes in the universe are in the sole (pun intended) possession of Chasity Valentine.  But, it not just her toes, it’s what she does with them.  The hottest little toe curler on the planet resides in a special place on the Net:!  To be honest, I don’t think there is a foot lover out there that can control their urges once they see this beautiful model in full foot teasing action.  Join her website and then hang on to your socks!

Take Chasity’s website TOUR!

Haley Model in Pink Nightie and Sexy Black Heels!

By , 08/29/2012

Look at Haley’s sexy feet in them heels!

Put on ZZTop’s “Pearl Necklace” and feast your eyes on Haley Model in naked pink!  She slowly takes off those sexy black heels to reveal those sexy feet of hers… Will she tickle them with the pink feather?  Become a member and find out!

Go to to view all her sexy photos & videos!

Miss Rosie Ink – Feets!

By , 04/28/2012

Rosie has cute toes!

Yup, these sexy feet belong to none other than the incredible Miss Rosie Ink (Rosie Ford)!  This is a photo from her “candids” collection.  Rosie loves it when her pretty feet get tickled and licked!

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Tasty Tattoos! – Visit Rosie’s Video Store (2 awesome videos for sale) 😉

Foot Worhsip is Haley Model’s Middle Name!

By , 03/21/2012


Sexy feets and moon!

Oh My God!  Those sexy feet need to be tickled, licked, and worshiped!!  Of course, don’t forget to worship the moon!  And what a cute ass Ms Haley has… MUAH! Wait til ya see her turn around!! Woooooo!

Click Here to join now!

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Sexy Rosie’s Toesies –

By , 02/28/2012
miss rosie ink

MEOW! Sexy Feets!!!

Ms Rosie Ford has the sexiest feet ever!  Toes and high arches that need tickling and kissing …mmmmmm!  Rosie just turned 18 yrs old and is ready to go buck naked and WILD!  She promises toys that vibrate and super sexy lingerie with foot worship held in high regard!

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Sexy Tattoos too! 😀

Haley Model Video 34 Is All About Those Naked Feet!

By , 01/17/2012


Scrub a dub dub Haley!

OMG Haley! Little sister does it again in her very first video of 2012! The sexy Ms Haley Model incites viewers with her tasty feet and hypnotizes you to perform certain foot fetish worship duties on her pretty toes and maybe even tickle her a bit! (Yes, Haley is very ticklish…). This screencap is a teaser of what HM34 video has inside, buy it and love it!!



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